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The Trio Tale


Individually, Andy, Chloe, and Lewis have graced stages across the globe, touring internationally, performing in prestigious West End shows, captivating audiences at renowned festivals, and sharing their musical talents at high-end functions. Now, they have joined forces, combining their individual expertise, professionalism, and warm personalities to create the extraordinary Wildwood Trio.

Andy is an accomplished singer-songwriter whose career has spanned 15 years performing solo and working with renowned artists and organisations all across the UK. To date, he has written and released three studio albums and 2 EPs. His music has been featured on Channel 4 and BBC One, with his track ‘Faultlines’ closing the most recent series of ‘The Syndicate’. He is also a featured vocalist in the dance music genre having amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify. Alongside his performing talents, Andy is a qualified music therapist, having studied at Nordoff Robbins. 

Chloe has performed in many No. 1 UK Tours including Dreamboats & Petticoats and Cilla The Musical. She has her own act as a saxophonist/singer which she most recently performed over Christmas in the renowned Cromer Pier Show. She has experience in a vast range of styles playing with many bands over 13 years including a regular slot at the famous Rivoli Ballroom. Chloe is also the founder of Give a Song CIC which began in the pandemic and was featured in many prestigious media outlets including  BBC One where she played alongside Mr Motivator.

Lewis is an exceptional drummer, singer and songwriter endorsed by Natal Drums and Protection Racket Cases. He has spent many years touring internationally with his successful originals band Press To Meco, gracing venues that include stadiums.  In addition he has worked as a session artist and performed regularly in high-end function bands and theatre shows. As a trained music technician he also runs our sound at all events. His expertise mean he's in popular demand, regularly working for the prestigious Brit School!


Wildwood Chapter

After their paths crossed working for Give a Song CIC in 2020, a friendship blossomed and an exciting musical connection sparked. Wildwood Trio was born...


Wildwood Trio is a dynamic acoustic act that brings a touch of elegance and class to your favourite feel-good tunes. With their exceptional musicality and undeniable charm, this talented ensemble effortlessly blends their rich three-part harmonies with the velvety tones of the saxophone, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

Drawing from their vast experience, Wildwood Trio has curated the ultimate setlist of popular songs for all tastes. This setlist is performed in their unique way with seamless harmonies, tasteful rhythms and the saxophone adding a touch of sophistication, making them the perfect addition to wedding receptions, corporate events, and parties. 


Their trio journey has already taken them to ballrooms, castles and festivals. Your event could be their next stop! 

Andy, Chloe and Lewis

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